Day trips in Kansas

Kansas day trips

As summer starts to heat up, you and your partner may be looking for unique ways to escape the summertime blues. Here are our bets for the top three day trips in Kansas that won’t break the bank.

S. P. Dinsmoor’s Garden of Eden

This huge collection of cement sculptures is the ultimate testimony to “outsider art.” Created by a retired Civil War veteran in 1904 at the age of 64, the sculpture garden is truly incredible.

Tallgrass Prairie National Reserve

A National Geographic Scenic Byway, this route meanders through some of Kansas’ most beautiful scenes, and offers numerous opportunities to get out and go for a hike through the prairie along the way. Just the thing if you need to get out of the city and decompress.

Monument Rocks

People think of Kansas as being a bunch of flat wheat fields, but the incredible scenery in Monument Rocks will put an end to that rumor. This geographical wonder began as limestone cliffs, which were gradually worn away by the wind and the rain over the millennia.

Image courtesy Flickr/Patrick Emerson